As a service to our clients who would prefer to minimise their monthly outgoings by purchasing Sage CRM licences outright, or those who already have Sage CRM and / or MS SQL licences, we can provide a fully managed server space only.

All systems are hosted in a fully compliant data centre which provides:

  • Better than 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • 24 hour snapshot backup to a secondary site
  • Add or remove Processors, RAM and bandwidth as required.
  • Bandwidth 100Mb with 1Tb of transfer




Cost per calendar month or annual (ex VAT)

£250 pcm or £2,700 pa £450 pcm or £5,000 pa £850 pcm or £9,000 pa


Good starter system for up to 10 users of Sage CRM. Up to 25 users of CRM or for systems with a smaller number of users, but high transaction rate. For larger systems with more than 25 users or those that might require special architecture.


 2  2  2


4GB 8GB 16GB


200GB 500GB 1TB

Any of the above options can be upgraded with additional processing capacity, memory or storage as follows:

  • Additional Processor: £20 per CPU per month
  • Additional RAM: £25 per GB per month
  • Additional storage: £50 per 100GB per month

Alternatively, we can provide a bespoke solution around your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

A Windows operating system is provided as part of the hosting fee, but any Sage CRM, MS SQL or other third-party licences would need to be purchased separately. Any licence maintenance fees will also need to be paid and renewed as relevant, so that we have access to software updates which we will install as part of our maintenance service.

Loria Consulting provides the following additional services for your hosted server:

  • Management of firewall and server security
  • Keeping the Windows operating system and core services up-to-date
  • Management of SQL Server including the implementation of maintenance plan(s)
  • Server performance monitoring and management, ensuring that your server operates efficiently and effectively
  • Maintaining differential backups of the CRM application/data and snapshot backups of the overall server

All prices exclude VAT

Please contact us for more information.