In addition to providing you with cost-effective implementation services to get you up and running, we can provide Sage CRM in three options to suit your requirements and budget.

We offer a choice of two monthly subscription 'Cloud' options, Hosted and, as well as On-Premise deployed. The pros and cons of each are given in more detail below.

If you would like some help deciding which version is best for you, please get in touch.

On Premise

This is the traditional model of deploying software, whereby licences are installed and run from an in-house server. Whilst the growth of faster broadband speeds has led to a shift away from on-premise deployment, there are still some good reasons to opt for this method of running a CRM solution.

  • Generally offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Most flexible option for customisation and integration with other business applications.
  • Most secure option, as you have full control over the location and backup routines.
  • Advanced e-mail management.
  • Support for Sage CRM iPhone App

Downside of the on-premise option include:

  • You have full responsibility for maintaining the hardware and software.
  • There is a capital cost associated with the initial purchase.
  • Remote access requires additional configuration.

With Sage CRM, we can offer either outright purchase pricing for licences or subscription licensing which will spread the cost as regular monthly payments. Please call us to discuss which option might be best for you.

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This option provides the flexibility of monthly pricing, with the technical benefits of on-premise deployment. With a Loria hosted Sage CRM, licences are purchased typically using the subscription model, and then deployed on a managed remote server. Benefits of a Loria hosted system include:

  • Regular monthly payments
  • Full CRM features and functions
  • Support for Sage CRM iPhone App
  • Easy remote access - not exposing in-house server to outside
  • No responsibility for managing hardware or software upgrades

Downside of the hosted option are:

  • Reliant on a live broadband connection.
  • Recurring annual costs are higher than outright software purchase.

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Sage CRM R2 2014 (Cloud)

This version of Sage CRM provides access to software over the internet for a monthly subscription. The software is hosted on a remote server owned and managed by Sage plc. It is the lowest cost way of accessing Sage CRM and is frequently used by smaller businesses or those wanting to evaluate software before purchase. Benefits include:

  • Regular monthly subscription costs.
  • No responsibility for server or software maintenance.
  • Faster to implement.
  • Remote Access on multiple devices via browser.

Downside of include:

  • High total cost of ownership.*
  • Restricted functionality and customisation.*
  • Reliant on a reliable live broadband connection.
  • Integration with other systems can be complex.
  • No access to the back-end database

Sage CRM Essentials edition starts from as little as £ 20 per user per month.

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* Sage can be migrated to on-premise if required to reduce ongoing costs and improve functionality.