Click for large imageThere are two versions of Sage CRM for on-premise deployment: Standard and Advanced. The key functional differences between the two, are that Standard does not have any Case Management capability and also has fewer marketing features than Advanced.

The following functions are also only available with Sage CRM Advanced:

  • Use of the Sage CRM iPhone Application
  • Telephony (CTI) Integration
  • Web Self Service (Portal) development.

The table to the right lists the main features of Sage CRM and shows the differences between the versions. Click on the table for an enlarged view.

Sage CRM on-premise is compatible with the following client operating systems and browsers:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1
  • IE 11 full mode (compatibility mode not supported)
  • IE 10 compatibility mode (Full mode not supported)
  • Firefox latest build
  • Chrome latest build
  • Mac OS X - Safari 6.1, iOS 7

For full details of system requirements and system hardware please contact us.

For more details of Sage CRM click to download the product brochure.