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In a world that has moved towards online applications there is still a lot to be said for on-premise software that is deployed on your own server:

  1. It offers more configuration and integration possibilities. This will allow you to get a better return out of your investment in the software.
  2. It reduces the reliance on an internet connection. Whilst the internet is quite robust, interruptions in service are not unusual. With an on-premise system internal users can continue to work.
  3. It can be included in backup routines and tested as part of disaster recovery planning. With cloud applications there is often not an option to test whether a viable backup is being maintained - before it's too late. 
  4. It is more secure.
  5. It is easier to migrate to another application if required.

The main reason cited for choosing cloud based applications over on-premise is usually cost. However, the lifetime cost of paying a monthly subscription is often many times that of purchasing licences and running your own hosting environment.

And it is not necessary to actually own a server. There are options to have a 'private cloud' host which removes the need to run your own server but still gives the majority of benefits stated above.

There are two versions of Sage CRM for on-premise deployment: Standard and Advanced. The key functional differences between the two, are that Standard does not have any Case Management capability and also has fewer marketing features than Advanced.

The following functions are also only available with Sage CRM Advanced:

  • Use of the Sage CRM iPhone Application
  • Telephony (CTI) Integration
  • Web Self Service (Portal) development.

The table to the right lists the main features of Sage CRM and shows the differences between the versions. Click on the table for an enlarged view.

For full details of system requirements and system hardware please contact us.